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All books are available to purchase as digital copies through this form.

A Paradise for Food (2021)

Written by Alex Bengzon
Illustrated by Jana Codera

PHP 100.00

Ang Mahiwagang Mask Ko! (2020)

Written by Janine Sy
Illustrated by Stephanie Gutierrez and Kat Batara

PHP 30.00

Kinabukasang Normal (2020)

Written by Aiden Castillo
Illustrated by Ysabelle Perez and Sari Labrador

PHP 30.00

Tay, Mahal Mo Pa Ba Ako? (2020)

Written by Iris Erquiza and Jeremiah Manaloto
Illustrated by Bojo Mendoza and Yeda Porcalla

PHP 30.00

Halimaw (2020)

Written by Nicki Arambulo, Jamie Diangson, Althea Sahagun, Andrea Ebdane, and Jamie Eclarinal
Illustrated by Daphne Limsoc, Bea Uyyco, Raia Castillo, Casey Flores, Jes de Joya, and Nicole Mendenilla

PHP 20.00

Pugot Mamu (2019)

Written by Jolie Martinez and Jamie Diangson
Illustrated by Alexa Bringas, Casey Flores, Noelle Serrano

PHP 20.00

Maya (2018)

Written by Iana Valdez and Margarita Mapa
Illustrated by Anya Jayme

PHP 20.00

The Astronaut (2017)

Written by Isabelle Atencia
Illustrated by Maia Alagar and Sam Pascual

PHP 20.00

The Water Cycle (2017)

Written by Sofia Guanzon
Illustrated by Yeda Porcalla

PHP 20.00

Ang Palaka at Ang Mga Tala (2017)

Written by Maia Alagar
Illustrated by Julia Cruz and Margarita Mapa

PHP 20.00