Angkan Aklatan is a non-profit, non-governmental, youth-led organization composed of writers, illustrators, and dreamers turned leaders. We seek to create children’s books that explore varied and underrepresented topics in the hopes of inspiring a younger generation of readers to recognize not only the value of imagining a better world but to ultimately actualize these dreams with determination. As an organization, we aim to contribute to the growth and development of the youth by providing them a space to feel validated and supported through the literary arts.

We, the Storytellers of Angkan Aklatan, aim to inspire, comfort, and educate Filipino children through the literary arts, to contribute to their growth and offer a safe space for introspection about  who they are and how they engage with society.

To inspire, comfort, educate, and spread awareness of the socio-political realities of our time by putting our passions for the literary arts into service in order to provide Filipino children (ages 1-12) with an in-depth understanding of various issues, reintroduced in a different light.

To inspire and create a soulful generation of mindful children through literary and artistic works.

Angkan Aklatan was first established in the year 2016 at Saint Pedro Poveda College. It was founded by Yeda Porcalla and Cara Dy, two spirited high school seniors at the time. In the year 2020, four years after the two had graduated, Yeda and Cara decided to make use of their time to gather all previous AA members and re-establish the organization in order to inspire, comfort, and educate more Filipino children than ever before.