A Paradise For Food


Written By: Alex Bengzon
Illustrated By: Jana Codera
Year Published: 2021

Summary: When a little girl named Ana meets her cousin Lyn for the first time, she’s brought into a land filled with colors and strange human-like animals. Ana teaches Lyn the importance of food and the love and care that is put into making our meals. At the same time, Lyn shows Ana that the city is not as wonderful as she imagined, but the world can still be beautiful if we take care of it. Together, they learn new things from their adventure in a colorful paradise. This story is written in both English and Bisaya. 

A Paradise for Food is a book created for the children in Burgos, Surgao. Burgos is a small town situated at the northernmost part of the island of Surigao. It is classified as a sixth-class municipality with a population of about 4000 people, making it the smallest in the province, both in terms of area and population. Being a sixth-class municipality means that the town is one of the lowest earning towns in the country. Most of its residents make a living through fishing, agriculture, and manual labor jobs.

This project was a collaboration between Angkan Aklatan and Lokal LabCopyright ©️ 2021. All rights reserved.